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Our poodles

Bred with care and passion

Poodles are charming and harmonious dogs endowed with great intelligence and vitality.
They create a strong bond with their owner, both with youngest and older people.
They only need love and care. More, they have soft anf fluffy coat, constantly growing. It means they require special care in grooming, but on the other side they are perfect for allergy sufferers since their hair loss is minimal.

Poodles have a great sense of cleanliness, great intelligence, and a sweet but strong and brave character.

When they become part of the family they will always be there.
If you want to buy a poodle you should know that there are four sizes: standard (45 cm– 58 cm at shoulder), miniature (35 cm – 45 cm at shoulder), dwarf (28cm – 35 cm at shoulder) and toy (25 cm – 28 cm at shoulder).

WEIGHT: 2 to 20kg depending on the size
COLOUR: white,black, brown, red, fawn, apricot, grey.

We are at your disposal

Whether you are a breeder or simply looking for a bum to give joy to your family, you will find the right specimen for your needs here.

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